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Published Edited Books

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Published Book Chapters

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Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

25.  Miller, T.R. & Miller-Stevens, K. (2010). Abraham Lincoln as a political scientist.  Online publication by the Wepner Program on the Lincoln Legacy: The Lincoln Legacy and Contemporary Scholarship, University of Illinois Springfield.  Retrieve from

26.  Miller-Stevens, K. & Miller, T.R.  (Autumn, 2009).  Invited book review of The man who emptied death row: Governor George Ryan and the politics of crime by J. L. Merriner (2008), Southern Illinois Press.  The Journal of Illinois History, 12(3), 237-239.

Applied Research

27.  Baker, P., Eckhoff, A., Miller-Stevens, K., & John, R. (2016). Virginia’s early childhood home visitation programming: Support for a collaborative model between sectors. A report developed out of a collaborative project at the Old Dominion University Virginia Early Childhood Education Policy Center.

28. Miller-Stevens, K. (2015).  The third economic sector: Nonprofit organizations in Hampton Roads and the United way.  A chapter in the Old Dominion University, Economic Forecasting Project, 2015 State of the Region Report.

29.  Vandecar-Burdin, T., Morris, J.C., & Miller-Stevens, K. (2013).  Community capacity study for the Navy Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP).  A community capacity study was conducted for the Navy FFSP that resulted in 1) a research report summarizing results of the study and 2) a step by step handbook for conducting community capacity studies.  The research report is being distributed to the leadership of FFSP, and the handbook is being used as a guide to replicate the community capacity study in other Navy programs.  Published journal articles have resulted from this study.

30.  Miller-Stevens, K. & Ward, K. D. (2013).  Board membership motivations: A research project on individual motivations for nonprofit board membership.  An empirical study conducted with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) resulting in a comprehensive research report that was distributed to the GCN’s membership of over 3,000 nonprofit organizations.  Published journal articles have resulted from this study.