Journal Submissions Currently Under Review

1. Grasse, N., Ward, K., & Miller-Stevens, K. Demystifying the IRS 501(h) Election: A closer look at nonprofit advocacy organizations and lobbying expenditures.  Under review in Policy Studies Journal. [Revise & Resubmit]

2. Ward, K. & Miller-Stevens, K. Public service motivation in nonprofit board members and the impact of primary sector of employment. Under review in the International Public Management Journal. [Revise & Resubmit]

Works In-Progress

1. McNamara, M., Miller-Stevens, K, & Morris, J.C. Exploring the Determinants of Collaboration Failure. 

2. Taylor, J. T. & Miller-Stevens, K.  Philanthropic collaboration: A framework for giving circles.  

3. Brooms, T. & Miller-Stevens, K.  A model for employee accountability in the public sector. 

4. Taylor, J.A. & Miller-Stevens, K.  It’s all the rage: Charitable giving, civic engagement, and anger. 

5. Birungi, P. & Miller-Stevens, K. Components of commitment with the greatest impact on length of time served on a nonprofit board

6. Miller-Stevens, K., McNamara, M., & Morris, J.C. Applying a theory of collaboration failure to a watershed collaboration context.

7. Gable, M., Miller-Stevens, K., & Morris, J.C. Are we "thinking" or "seeing"? Methodologies of collaboration in public administration.